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How AIIS uses Machine Learning and AI to reinvent businesses

How AIIS uses Machine Learning and AI to reinvent businesses

At AIIS, we fully understand that the implications and potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning simply cannot be overstated. Gone are the days when AI was used almost exclusively for the automation of simple tasks. This is important, to be sure - as every minute you're not spending on something trivial is a minute you can devote to those matters that truly need you.

But these days, customers expect more - a true collaboration between their human employees and the machines that they're surrounded by. They need context-aware interaction with devices like smart speakers. They need chatbots that can help deliver superior experiences for their own clients. They want smart devices that are exactly that - smart in every sense of the term.
And at AIIS, we're here to make that vision of the future a reality - today.


We carefully examine the requirements of different markets and businesses that can benefit from this modern approach to AI, investing in the types of projects that offer genuine solutions in every way possible. By leveraging innovative technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning, early adopters of these AI technologies are enjoying tremendous benefits, all while setting themselves up for a decade of success and beyond.

At AIIS, we believe that there are endless possibilities of enhancing consumer lives and experiences through the proper and precise application of artificial intelligence technologies and ideas. Through our work, we're dedicated to helping to make this happen for the widest audience possible.

How AAIS Enhances Human Ingenuity Through Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning, coupled with other types of deep learning technologies, are about enabling people to do more with the massive volumes of data that they are creating daily. It's about using systems to extract the type of insight that would have otherwise gone undiscovered - all without needing to tell those systems where to look or what to conclude.

All told, our AI solutions include comprehensive, intuitive machine learning tools which - when coupled with automated feature engineering capabilities - allow people to make better and more informed decisions than ever as quickly as possible.

AI and machine learning are nothing if not versatile - they can be applied in a wide range of different ways depending on the circumstances. By carefully evaluating opportunities in different market segments and even within different businesses, we invest in the types of projects that can help those organizations enjoy these and other benefits.

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The Industry Applications for AI Are Truly Limitless

The Industry Applications for AI Are Truly Limitless

Again, the true power of AI is that it can help people do more, know more and accomplish more - no matter what. Over the years, our AIIS solutions with embedded AI have helped enhance human creativity and unlock bold new possibilities in industries that include but are certainly not limited to banking, government, life sciences, health care, manufacturing, retail, entertainment and many, many others.

This Is What We Do

At AIIS, we understand that artificial intelligence isn't about replacing human employees. Truly, it never was. Instead, it's about supporting and empowering them - allowing them to do more with less, helping them to improve customer experiences and unlock bold new possibilities that truly would be achievable through other means.

Our work is evidenced in a wide range of successfully finished projects, all built on the rock-solid foundation of innovative AI technologies like:

Machine learning

Machine learning

Data mining

Data mining

Dimensionality reduction

Dimensionality reduction

Supervised engineering models

Supervised engineering models

Model deployment, training and testing

Model Deployment, Training, and Testing

other skills

And many others


At AIIS, we're an IT-engineering company that specializes in complex software development and  IT services related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. But by combining proven methodologies, engineering domain knowledge and AI expertise, we're also capable of being so much more than that: we invest in the types of projects that offer solutions to the markets and businesses that need them the most.

More than anything else, we want to help take the already important gains that markets and businesses have made in terms of the automation of administrative tasks one step further. This is only a fraction of the potential that artificial intelligence brings with it. Consumer expectations are changing all the time - it's a lesson that we've all learned full well over the last year in particular.

Those businesses that thrive over the next ten years will be those who don't just understand this, but who are ready to use innovative technologies to enhance the lives of their customers and to create better experiences on a daily basis.

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